Solidarität.Grenzenlos – Solidarity.WithoutBorders

Let’s create NETWORKS: How Pfaffenhofeners span the world with their connections to their places of origin – a story of diversity!

Racism is an ideology that excludes people of a different skin color, religion, culture, name or origin. Fellow citizens affected by racism are no longer seen as part of the „we“, they are actively excluded, insulted, put under psychological pressure or become victims of violence.

We live in a world where less and less can be achieved alone. Local and global challenges can only be solved together. Racism destroys the urgently needed solidarity for that. Racism undermines the social cohesion, which we need to stop climate change, to face the problems of an aging society or to stand up for more social justice. Even when some racists don’t want to believe this, no matter where people are coming from, we can only work together towards a better future for generations to come. Our reality of life has already been influenced by the diversity of different nations, cultures and languages. Let’s use these possibilities and opportunities associated with this together – for great multicultural human relationships!

Pfaffenhofen ist bunt = 100 Nationen und mehr
Pfaffenhofen: More then 100 nations!

We span a net around the world

For a great multicultural human relationships around the world, and in Germany, Bavaria and Pfaffenhofen. Where do the people who live in Pfaffenhofen and around Pfaffenhofen come from?

We are spanning a net around the world. Tell us where you come from. It doesn’t matter wether you came from Leipzig to Pfaffenhofen, from Hamburg to Reichertshausen, from Tokyo to Manching, or from Syria to Wolnzach or from Romania to Gerolsbach. We put the net on a map and show how diverse the citizens of the city and the county are.

Send us where you are from and where you live with this form:

    The net – The map

    This interactive map gets regular updates. Click or tab on the map to enlarge and zoom out! Available from 15. March 2021

    Wir spannen ein netz um die Welt.